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    What does "ProJeel" mean?
ProJeel is made up of two words:
"Pro" is short for professional, and "Jeel" is the Arabic word for Generation.
Thus, ProJeel means the Professional Generation.
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We verify the applicants' CVs, so that you only get the right ones to interview. We deliver your vacancy to many of our interested members.
"Excellent service.. Since our first contact with ProJeel, there was a professional reponse that helped us to recruit a number of efficient people whom we are proud of now.
It has been a pleasure dealing with ProJeel, and we will certainely get in touch with them for future vacancies."
Radio Dijla
"We wasted a long time going through CVs that proved to be unreliable, so we decided to use ProJeel's service to alleviate the burden of handling all our job applications.
Projeel helped us a great deal to filter the good applicants, which saved us time and money."
Easy Digital Solutions
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